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  • 15 min

    20 US dollars
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Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. My Haircut service is one of my specialties and is often booked well in advance.

Premium Grooming:

      Includes a haircut with sanitary and paw trim, a bath with shedding shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brushing, ear cleaning, ear plucking (as needed), gland expression (as needed) tear stain wash, nail trim, and nail grinding (if dog will allow).

      -Dogs under 30lbs start at $50
      -Dogs 30-80lbs start at $65
      -Dogs over 80lbs start at $120.


Basic Grooming:

      Includes bath with shedding shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brushing, nail trim/grinding (as needed), glad expression (as needed), and sanitary trim (upon request).

      Prices are based off of size, weight, and hair type.
          -Under 30lbs prices starts at $40
          -Large dogs with short hair (Labs as an example) start at $50
          -Large dogs with long hair (Retrievers, Aussies, Doodles) start at $65

Extras would include:
                       - Mint teeth cleaning spray  ..... $3.00
                       - Heavy matting ............................... $25.00
                       - Heavy shedding ............................ $25.00
                       - *Extra time per hour ................. $40.00

*Prices may increase depending on size and behavior. If a dog tries to bite an additional $25 will be added. A late fee of $20 will also be added if drop off is more than 30 minutes late.

*Grooming Prices are based on a three hour block. If a dog requires more time than that the additional time will be billed as $40 per hour.

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