Furtastic French Bulldogs

Bettering the Breed since 2022

Two French Bulldogs

We started breeding these wonderful animals in 2022. Originally, we did not plan to operate as a professional Dog Breeder, we just wanted a wonderful pet for ourselves. However, we completely fell in love with Frenchies! After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process, we decided to do our part in bettering the breed, which led to the birth of our FURTASTIC business. Since then, we’ve known so much love, joy and excitement! Contact us to find out more.

Get to know French Bulldogs

If your idea of the perfect pet is a pint-sized comedian with a special gift for napping, meet the French bulldog. These charming pups love to play just as much as they love to snuggle up on their owner's lap to take a snooze. They won't get taller than 13 inches at the shoulder, making them a great option for city dwellers. It doesn't take much space to keep a Frenchie happy. This breed has an easygoing personality, and they make wonderful companions for families, children, or seniors. They're easy to groom and easy to please, and they thrive on human contact. 


11-13 inches


under 28 pounds


10-12 years